Stay at Home Fun Without Screens

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It may be raining, snowing, or just too cold to go outside. The kids are home from school and complaining that they’re bored. You could easily put them in front of the television, but you don’t want them to be in front of a screen more than they have to be. So, what do you do?

Gallery Leather has multiple answers to that question. We offer various products that can help you have fun without screens on those days when you’re stuck at home. Here are some ideas for having fun at home without screens:

1. Scrapbooking

If you’re looking for a craft project, try scrapbooking. Gallery Leather has just what you need to get started with our Yarmouth Scrapbook and inserts to fit any theme. You’ll see why it is the scrapbooking standard from the minute it arrives at your door.

Our Yarmouth leather scrapbook album accepts 12″ x 12″ inserts in its acid-free, archival quality top-loading pages. Each page comes with an ivory insert for accepting photos or mementos. The top-loading, 12″ x 12″ pocket will also carry an endless variety of decorative inserts.

Its classic, post-bound construction with hidden posts and a window in the cover are perfect for creating a theme, featuring a favorite photo, adding a title, or any other creative inspiration. Its elegant bonded leather cover comes in neutral colors to fit any motif. It’s up to you what you create with it.

2. Send Letters

Even in the age of email and social media, people enjoy getting a handwritten letter in the mail. These letters often become cherished keepsakes to be placed in a scrapbook or album. They’re also a great way to check in on friends and family you haven’t seen in some time.

Make sure your letter gets to the right address by keeping your address book up to date. Along with desk and pocket-sized address books, Gallery Leather offers refills and corrective labels to keep your friends’ contact information updated. They will be glad to know that you remembered them, no matter the weather.

3. Write Your Story

Journaling and creative writing have become popular recently. Our journals’ paper is acid-free. We select it for just the right “tooth,” weight, and texture for writing.

We craft our leather journals using bookmaking techniques that have stood the test of time. They come in all shapes and sizes to fit your journaling goals. Whether writing a story, poem, song, journal entry, or the next great American novel, we have the perfect journal for you. One customer enjoys journaling so much that they bought multiple from us.

They shared their review here:

“I have a whole shelf full. I have tried many journals, and this is by far the best. Sturdy, good line spacing, attractive, and well made. I have become a loyal customer.”

4. Draw it Out

Maybe you or your kids prefer to doodle. We invite you or your budding artist to think outside the box with our blank page desk sketchbook. No lines mean no rules.

Our sketchbook has 192 wide-open ivory, acid-free pages for free-thinking and expression. It is bound, glued, and stitched into a refined but almost indestructible, bonded leather cover. At 8” X 5 ½”, this sketchbook travels easily from briefcase to backpack to create art anywhere you feel inspired.

5. Picture it Now

Perhaps you prefer to tell your story rather than write it out. There’s no better way to spend a rainy day than to pull out the family photo album and reminisce about days gone by. Spending the day inside also allows you to finally print those vacation photos and put them in your photo album.

Whatever the memory, Gallery Leather has the photo album for you. Every leather photo album is crafted to exacting standards, with acid-free, archival photo pages. They are guaranteed to last for generations.

6. Get Cooking

Let’s say you’ve found a recipe you’ve always wanted to try online or in a magazine. What better time to try it than now? Nothing brightens up a rainy day quite like a delicious homemade treat and a cup of tea.

You need somewhere to keep those recipes. Our Recipe Organizer is constructed to stand up to the task while providing an attractive accent to any kitchen. We also offer recipe card refills if your rainy day project consists of finally organizing your kitchen.

No matter the weather or the season, Gallery Leather has just what you need to have fun at home without screens. Your family will remember the projects you worked on more fondly than another day of watching television or scrolling through social media. Shop our selection on our website to get started today.