Protect Your Photos for
the Next Generation

Category: Photo Albums

Your photos and the memories attached to them are unique. Shouldn’t you do everything you can to protect them so the next generation can enjoy them as much as you do? Gallery Leather provides a variety of refills for its ring-bound and post-bound photo albums. These refills offer a level of protection that is just right for your photos.

Here are the products we recommend most to protect your photos for the next generation:

Scrapbook Page Refills

Perhaps you’re a scrapbooker who prefers to place photos in scrapbooks instead of an album or on an electronic device. Gallery Leather offers scrapbook refill pages in both ivory and black to suit your style. Both colors are reinforced on the binding edge and made of only the finest, archival, acid-free vellum papers.

12” x 12” Clear Refill

For scrapbookers who like a little more protection for their pages, we offer our top-loading refill for our 12 x 12 Yarmouth-style, post-bound, album or scrapbook. Each page includes a removable acid-free archival-quality ivory divider paper insert.

The refill page is made from 3mm acid-free-archival BOPP museum-quality film for distortion-free, crystal clear viewing rather than the vellum paper of our other scrapbook inserts.

6-Up Clear Refill

Designed to fit our Yarmouth-style, post-bound 6-up albums, this refill holds six 4 x 6 photos per side. These pages are produced using acid-free archival material. We sell this refill in packages of 10 sheets, adding 20 pages to your 6-Up album while holding up to 120 photos.

8” x 10” Photo Pocket

One of our largest photo pockets is our 8” x 10” photo pocket. Sold in a package of 10 sheets. These pockets add 20 pages to your album to hold up to 20 – 8 x 10 photos.

These pockets are sonic-sealed, without harmful adhesives. Using 3mm BOPP polypropylene film to reduce distortion and preserve photos. It pairs perfectly with our Leather Gallery Photo Album.

5” x 7” Photo Pocket

Our 5” x 7” photo pocket fits photo albums of almost any size excellently. It fits those slightly larger professional photos while still providing them the protection of our other photo pockets.

Sold in a package of 10 sheets. It adds 20 pages to your album while holding 40 – 5 x 7 photos. Made from the same film as our larger photo pockets.

Gallery 4” x 6” Photo Pocket

As the name suggests, this photo pocket fits our Gallery Photo Albums. This allows you to hold more, smaller photos in the Gallery Album without sacrificing protection.

Made using only acid-free, archival materials. Each photo pocket page includes sleeves to accommodate our Photo Notes inserts for recording photo details, photo negatives, and up to 40 – 4 x 6 photos.

CD Cases

Gallery Leather has been in business for over 40 years. Our secret is to stay relevant to our customers’ needs. More people are opting to store their photos digitally. However, you still need a physical backup if your device fails you. That’s why we offer CD cases.

If you chose to save your photos to a DVD or CD, our CD cases are the ideal solution. With the option of holding two or four disks, our acid-free, archival pages with a full flap and soft, non-woven pocket liner protect CDs from dust and scratches. In turn, your photos are also protected from the damage of either the disk or the device.

Presentation 8.5″ x 11″ Sheet

Designed for our presentation binders, these archival-quality presentation pages with acid-free ivory dividers display materials of different sizes on opposing sides of a page. The pages accommodate up to 8.5″ x 11″ inserts.

Perfect for photos printed from a computer or another device. Its acid-free, 2mm BOPP polypropylene page film preserves your presentation materials or photos while providing distortion-free viewing.

Slimline Photo Pocket

Designed to fit our slimline photo albums, our slimline pocket pages are made using only acid-free, archival materials. The pockets are sonic-sealed, without harmful adhesives. Using 3mm BOPP polypropylene film to reduce distortion.

Preserve photos for crystal clear viewing. Each slimline photo pocket page includes sleeves to accommodate our Photo Notes inserts for recording photo details, photo negatives, or 4 x 6 photos.

Compact 4” x 6” Album Insert

Our compact albums may be small, but they can hold many photos with our compact photo album inserts. Holding up to 40 – 4 x 6 photos, these inserts are perfect for our compact albums. Like our larger photo pockets, we make these inserts from 3mm BOPP polypropylene film.

4” x 6” Travel Album Insert

Our smallest album, the travel album, also has its own option for refills. We sell the 4” x 6” travel photo album insert in a package of 10 sheets, adding 20 pages to your travel album while holding 20 – 4 x 6 photos. However, these offer slightly less protection. Made of 2mm BOPP polypropylene film instead of the 3mm larger album refills are made from.

No matter what your photo protection needs are, Gallery Leather can meet them. We have options for albums of all shapes and sizes, even if you didn’t buy them from us. Check out our selection on our website today.