How to Use Analog Tools to Prepare for a New Year

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As you look ahead to the New Year and choose the tools that will accompany you on your next trip around the sun, we at Gallery Leather have put together a guide to help you! Whether you’re starting a new journaling practice, planning ahead, resolving to write letters and cards by hand, or leveling up your cooking skills, we’ve got you covered with a set of analog tools to support your success.

Here are 4 ways you can use analog stationery tools to get prepared for the New Year:

1. Reflecting on the past year

It’s easier to plan where you’re going if you reflect on where you’ve been. Journaling is recommended by mental health professionals for gaining new perspectives on your experiences. It will also help you remember those everyday moments that you cherish. Whether it’s a funny interaction with your children or a poignant memory of a loved one, a journal is a perfect place to make sure those moments stay with you.

Stuck and not sure what to write? We recommend morning pages. At their most basic, morning pages are three pages of stream-of-consciousness writing. Doing this every day can help you get unstuck and kickstart your journaling routine.

2. Looking ahead to the new year

Now that you’ve looked back, you have the right perspective to plan ahead. A paper planner keeps all of your plans, dreams, goals, and appointments in one portable, always-accessible place. Best of all, it never runs out of battery or crashes and loses all your appointments.

We craft our planners using time-tested bookmaking techniques and durable materials meant to go with you everywhere. We even offer undated planners, because sometimes life doesn’t go by the book. For busy people and those who like taking the long view, consider an 18-month planner for flexibility in the yearly transition.

3. Keeping in touch with the people who matter

With cell phones, email, and social media, our society is more connected than ever before. There are so many ways to keep in touch, but sometimes there is no substitute for a handwritten letter or card. We can relate, which is why we offer address books.

Our pocket address books are perfect for keeping in touch. For travelers sending postcards, homebodies with pen-pals, or Christmas card enthusiasts, this little book will make sure you stay in touch. Need more room or greater flexibility? We have a refillable ring-bound address book!

4. Preserving traditions and memories

The new year can be a great time to dig into a heart-centered project or two. Maybe you’ve decided to start preserving your family’s food traditions. One way to do this is by collecting family recipes and food stories. Gallery Leather’s Recipe Organizer is the perfect place to preserve and organize up to 100 of your favorite cooking traditions in recipe cards sorted by categorical tab dividers. Bring it full circle by using insertable journal pages to reflect on how food cultivates a sense of connection in your life.

Perhaps this is the year for collecting family photos. While digital storage is a great way to save your photos, nothing replaces holding your memories in your hands. Many of us have shoeboxes and drawers full of irreplaceable family photos, and a safe place to store them becomes more important as the years pass. If you’re ready to start what can be a  deeply personal and rewarding project, compiling a physical photo album can be the perfect way to honor your family memories.

Gallery Leather has what you need to reflect and look ahead. Find more ideas to set yourself up for success on our website today. We hope you find these analog tools and techniques to be helpful for years to come.