Purpose-Built Paper Planners for Busy Lives

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Paper planners are powerful tools for organization and self-expression that help you navigate your busy life. With so many different types of planners available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right planner for you. In this blog post, we introduce four purpose-built paper planners designed to help bring order to your unique planning needs.

Our most function-driven group of planners are 9”x7” and geared toward meeting various lifestyle needs, including busy families, teachers and students, and professionals with busy work lives.

We’ve made these purpose-built paper planners with our signature sturdy binding and durable covers. They are large enough to fit all the details you rely on day-to-day yet compact enough for a school bag or large purse. If you love our standard weekly planners but want something tailored to your needs, you may find your perfect planner on this list.

Read on for an up-close view of these beautiful and unique planners.

Family Planner

Our Family Planner is a workhorse geared toward those with busy families who need lots of practical information always at their fingertips. The weekly spreads contain time slots for scheduling sporting events, extracurriculars, doctor’s appointments, and family activities. Daily To-Do sections allow you to jot down important tasks and goals. The tear-out lists in the back of the planner give you flexibility. For example, tuck a quick grocery list in your wallet or paperclip a vacation packing list to your schedule.

The highly detailed personal data section includes space for emergency information for you and your family. For instance, contact your child’s school or the family doctor quickly instead of having to hunt through a purse, desk drawer, or online listings. There are even pages to record community information. For instance, write in the phone number for your library, place of worship, or the new neighbors you just met.

In the back, we’ve included generous space to record birthdays and anniversaries. There is also a full set of detailed reference information, including full-color maps, an area code list, time zone map. In addition, we provide a list of airlines, car rental companies, and hotel 800 numbers.

What our customers love about this planner: tons of space for detail; hourly appointment slots.

Academic Planner

This planner is geared toward educators and students, beginning in July for a fresh start just before fall classes begin. The weekly spread includes space for each day with an AM/PM split. The opposite page is a blank note page, giving you lots of room to jot down class notes, grocery lists, events, and reminders.

In addition to the weekly spreads, we include a calendar of the prior and following years condensed to two pages, allowing you to keep the big picture in mind. We also give you 18 months of monthly and weekly spreads. This can help when deciding on classes for next semester or jotting down reminders of long-term goals or projects.

Time zones, area codes and the generous 16-page world map section can assist in planning a study-abroad semester or putting together the ultimate spring break trip. The birthdays, events, and holidays section help you remember your best friend’s favorite holiday or your sister’s birthday.

If you need a place to keep all the little details of your college experience together while still being able to see the big picture, we recommend the Academic Planner!

What our customers love about this planner: starts at the beginning of the academic year; room for notes, fun colors

Weekly Planner/Journal

Love our Academic Planner’s calendar/notes combo but don’t need or want the overlap of an 18-month planner? With the same weekly format as the Academic Planner but at a lower price point, this newest offering from our Harbor line is a budget-friendly 14-month option for those who like to take lots of notes or combine journaling and planning.

In this format, the notes page can become a visual journal where you keep photos and postcards or do some meditative doodling. It starts in December and ends 14 months later in January, giving you a month of overlap on each end. It includes grayscale maps, which may be easier to read for some. Also included are many of the same great features from our other planners—personal data section, time zones, holidays, and space for recording birthdays.

Our Harbor covers feature highly durable and easy-to-clean simulated leather in a variety of bright and on-trend colors; if you’re someone who’s hard on their planners or takes them everywhere with you, this may be the planner that fits you.

What our customers love about this planner: same weekly spread as the Academic Planner, but in a format that begins and ends with the calendar year; room for notes; white pages help with visual contrast

Professional Planner

We geared this planner toward busy professionals with packed schedules. Its weekly spread is similar to the Family Planner, incorporating a vertical format and hourly time slots. However, we’ve added monthly calendar pages for jotting in future deadlines and appointments, which can fold into a weekly plan later. In addition, these monthly calendars cover two full years, ideal for planning long-term projects looking to the more-distant future.

In addition to weekly and monthly pages, there is also a generous section of Notes pages. This section is great for taking notes in a meeting or creating a mind map or detailed project plan. Toll-free numbers and the time-zone map are great for planning business trips and coordinating with remote collaborators. And as always, we have included a personal data page and space for recording birthdays and other events.

What our customers love about this planner: time slots for appointments; monthly calendars; vertical format


With numerous features and functions built in, these purpose-built paper planners ensure that there is a format out there made to suit your life. The 2023 releases are currently available and ready to come home to a cozy chair or desk near you; check them out here. Happy planning!