4 Essentials for The New Year & Beyond

Category: Holiday

You may have made resolutions for the New Year last year, but do you remember them now? Gallery Leather offers a full line of products and tips to remember your goals for the new year better and possibly achieve them.

Here are 4 essentials from Gallery Leather for the New Year and beyond:

1. Journals

Did you know that you remember things better if you physically write them down on paper? Studies show that you process information better by writing it down by hand, making you more likely to remember it later. Your New Year’s resolutions are no different.

You can remember them better if you put them on paper. To help you be one of the few to remember your resolutions this year, Gallery Leather offers a variety of journals to help. We craft our Leather Journals using bookmaking techniques that stand the test of time, including past New Year’s resolutions.

2. Planners

Maybe you decided that better time management would be your New Year’s resolution. Gallery Leather can help. We offer planners in a wide variety of formats and designs to meet your demanding schedule. Choose between weekly, daily, or monthly planners to best meet your needs.

We craft our planners using time-tested bookmaking techniques and quality materials. To start keeping track of your dates whenever it is most convenient for you, we even offer undated planners. After all, it’s never too late or early to start your New Year’s resolutions.

3. Pocket Address Books

With cell phones, email, and social media, our society is more connected than ever before. There are so many ways to keep in touch. Maybe your New Year’s resolution is to call or write to your friends and family more. You need a place to put all of this contact information. Gallery Leather understands that, which is why we offer address books.

At half the weight and twice the speed of a cell phone when it comes to finding contact information, our pocket address books are perfect for keeping in touch. They can carry over 400 addresses with records for work, home, phone numbers, email addresses, and fax numbers in an attractive, durable cover.

4. Recipe Organizers

Maybe you’ve decided to eat healthier this year. One way to do this is to cook instead of ordering takeout. Gallery Leather’s Recipe Organizer is the perfect place to put your favorite healthy recipes.

Our recipe organizer holds up to 100 recipe cards, clippings, photos, and printouts in acid-free polypropylene pockets designed for easy viewing while protecting your favorite recipes from stains. Its Mylar tabbed dividers organize recipes for quick reference.

Tab dividers included with our recipe organizers are appetizers, soups and bread, salads and vegetables, meats, seafood, poultry, pasta and grains, and desserts. Journal pages are also available for recording your healthy eating goals all year long.

Whether you are looking to eat healthier, exercise more, or reach other goals, Gallery Leather has what you need to keep it together. Find what you need to keep your New Year’s resolutions on our website today. We hope you find these tools to be helpful for years to come.