5 Tips to Stay Organized Using a Planner

Category: Planners

Now is the perfect time to get organized. Gallery Leather offers organizational products like planners, address books, recipe books, and more to help you get started. Out of these, the most practical and popular item is our planner. We craft planners in a wide variety of formats and designs to meet today’s demanding schedules.

Here are some tips on how to use our planners to stay organized:

1. Make it your own.

All of our planners come with the year engraved on the front cover. You can also have a name, initials, or other identifying information added to your item when you personalize your purchase. If you’re giving the planner as a gift, this is a great way to add that extra touch to make this item even more special to the recipient.

You can also choose from a rainbow of colors, including our metallic and Acadia selections to fit your planner to your style. We even offer swatches if you’re not sure which color you’d prefer. By customizing our planners, each member of your family will know which one is theirs, keeping your bookshelf and their lives organized.

2. Take it to-go.

You’re the kind of person who is always on the move. Between school, work, and social commitments, you need a planner that can keep up with you and your busy schedule. That’s why Gallery Leather offers our pocket-sized planners in both weekly and monthly formats.

These planners have all of the features of our Leather Desk Planner in a compact size. They can easily slip into a purse or pocket. Their book-bound construction and bonded leather cover make these planners durable so that they can stand up to anywhere your life takes them.

By keeping your planner on your person, you can record appointments and other important occasions as they arise. If you’re a little less mobile, our desk planners may be a better fit for you. Regardless of which planner you choose, they are the ideal solution for staying organized at home, at school, at work, or on the go.

Our customers agree that our planners help them manage their busy lifestyles and keep them organized. Don’t take our word for it!

Read this review from one of our satisfied customers:

“Perfect size and format! I take this with me from room to room, in the car, and back home. It is a perfect summary board for activities, notes, and lists. I particularly appreciate the size and weight. Excellent new product!”

3. Schedule life on your terms.

You know that Gallery Leather offers planners in weekly, monthly, and daily formats to accommodate all kinds of schedules and lifestyles. Did you know that we also provide undated planners? 

Our undated planners can help you schedule your life on your terms. They are available in a pad or book-bound style. These planners’ open format design encourages professional planning, goal setting, thoughtful journaling, or some of each. 

We believe that it’s never too early or too late to start keeping a planner. No matter when you start keeping a planner, you’ll have a well-used volume at the end of the year. Perfect for business, taxes, reflection, planning forward, or merely looking in the rearview mirror.

4. Write it down.

You know that you can use your planner to mark down appointments and other events. Did you know that you can also use it to take notes and keep them organized? All of Gallery Leather’s planners come with an ample notes section. Some of our larger planners, like our Ring-Bound Planner, even include a section for addresses and other contact information.

That way, you can write down your grocery list, a friend’s phone number, or other information you may need to remember later. You can even place the ribbon bookmark that comes attached to your planner set to the note page so that you have a reminder. These features are what make Gallery Leather’s planners the perfect organization tool.

5. Know your stuff.

Whenever you have a question or need to know where something is located, typically, you’ll open up your computer or mobile device. You look it up on the Internet and are greeted with millions of search results. You think, “there has to be a better way.” Did you know that there already is one?

All of Gallery Leather’s planners feature an extensive reference section, including time zones, area codes, toll-free numbers, websites, and other valuable information. This reference section even includes a world map. The answer is right in your pocket, so you don’t have to scroll through multiple pages of search results, saving you time while keeping important information organized.

If getting organized is a goal you’ve set for yourself, Gallery Leather can help you reach it. We offer planners in all shapes and sizes to fit your organization and scheduling needs. Check out our selection on our website today to get and stay organized.