6 Tips For Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

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With the new year comes New Year’s resolutions. Gallery Leather wants to help you keep your resolutions this year. We’re offering you a full line of products and tips to remember your goals for the new year better and possibly achieve them.

1. Write Them Down

After about two weeks, most people forget their New Year’s resolutions. It’s likely because they didn’t write them down. Did you know that you remember things better if you physically write them down on paper?

Studies have shown that you process information better by writing it down by hand, making you more likely to remember it later. Your New Year’s resolutions are no different. You will remember them better if you put them on paper instead of typing them out on your computer or cell phone. 

To help you be one of the few to remember your resolutions this year, Gallery Leather offers various journals and notebooks to help you. If your goals are work-related, our desk journals are large enough to store all of your office’s essential information.

If your goals are a little more personal, we offer travel journals and pocket notes portable enough to bring to the gym, the library, or your place of worship. We offer both lined and unlined journals if you would prefer to draw out your resolution plans instead of writing them down. 

We craft our Leather Journals using bookmaking techniques that have stood the test of time, including past New Year’s resolutions. Our leather journals’ pages are Smythe sewn and glued. Then, we reinforce them with a cloth binding strip.

Acid-free vellum endpapers and a ribbon bookmark complete our journals bound by hand in bonded leather. The paper we use is acid-free and selected for just the right “tooth,” weight, and writing texture. We can almost guarantee that you will remember your goals better because you will want to write them down to use your new journal.

2. Make a Date

Maybe you decided to take an exercise class, go back to school, or attend worship services more often as your New Year’s resolution. Other than the new addition to your schedule, you have a lot of important dates to remember. You have meetings at work and social gatherings to attend. You need to be able to keep track of it all. 

Today, most people use online calendar programs like those attached to their email accounts. These calendars can be used on both your computer and cell phone. They are useful tools, but what happens when you are away from your phone or computer?

As easy as these tools make remembering important dates, they make it equally easy to forget them. Here is where Gallery Leather can help. We offer planners in a wide variety of formats and designs to meet today’s demanding schedules.

From our Desk Planners to our Leather Family Planners, with all the details you could hope for, we craft our planners using time tested bookmaking techniques and quality material. You can choose between weekly, daily, or monthly planners to best meet your scheduling needs.

We even offer undated planners so you can start keeping track of your dates whenever it is most convenient for you. After all, it’s never too late or too early to start your New Year’s resolutions. 

3. Keep in Touch

Maybe your New Year’s resolution is to call or write to your friends and family more. With cell phones, email, and social media, our society is more connected than ever before. There are so many ways that you can keep in touch with people.

You need a place to put all of this contact information to quickly look up the person you are looking to contact. Many people have contact lists on their cell phones or email accounts. As convenient as these lists may be, you need to have access to the device they are on to use them. 

Gallery Leather understands that you need to stay connected to others, so we offer various products to help you. Our pocket address books are half the weight of and twice as fast as a cell phone when it comes to finding and carrying your contacts’ information. They also carry more information, including over 400 addresses with records for work, home, phone numbers, email addresses, and fax numbers in an attractive and durable cover.

If you prefer something with room for growth, our desk address books come in a ring binder style that allows you to add extra inserts with room for all of your friends’ and family members’ contact information. 

4. Get Organized

Maybe your New Year’s resolution is to tidy up your home or workspace. Labeling is part of getting organized. File cabinets, record boxes, binders, and more can be labeled to reflect any title that will help you remember what is inside.

You can organize these items in alphabetical or numerical order. This makes it easier to refer back to past projects or other information you may search for in your office. You can make these labels by hand or purchase professionally made ones.

Gallery Leather can help you get organized this way as well. All of our planners come with the year engraved on the front cover. You can also have a name or other identifying information added to your item when you personalize your purchase. 

If you already have one of our products that you want to label, we offer bonded leather custom title labels. We can match your item’s material. Your home or office will look and feel more organized once everything has been labeled. 

5. Make Dinner Plans

After all the indulgent foods you enjoyed at holiday parties, the new year is the perfect time to eat healthier. One way to do this is to meal prep and cook more at home instead of ordering takeout. So, you start collecting recipes from magazines and social media, intending to make them, but you need a place to put them.

Gallery Leather’s Recipe Organizer is the perfect place to put them. Our recipe organizer holds up to a hundred 4 x 6 recipe cards, clippings, photos, and printouts in acid-free polypropylene pockets designed for easy viewing while protecting your favorite recipes from errant spaghetti sauce. Perforated 4 x 6 recipe cards are attached to the recipe organizer’s ring binder until needed.

Mylar tabbed dividers organize recipes for quick reference. Tab dividers included with our recipe organizers are appetizers, soups and bread, salads and vegetables, meats, seafood, poultry, pasta and grains, and desserts. Journal pages are also available for recording your healthy eating goals all year long. 

6. Be Realistic

Setting realistic goals makes you more likely to keep them. This advice also applies to New Year’s resolutions. Taking small steps towards goals you’ve set for yourself often leads to more progress than making a significant change in a short time. You have a whole year to work on your New Year’s resolutions. You have plenty of time to commit to them. 

Making New Year’s resolutions can be fun and challenging. Gallery Leather wants to make keeping them easy by giving you the tips and tools you need. Whether you are looking to keep track of your diet, exercise routine, friends’ contact information, or other goals, we have what you need to keep it together.

Find what you need to keep your New Year’s resolutions on our website today. We hope you find these tips and our tools to be helpful for years to come.