Prepare Your Taxes in Our Presentation Binder

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With tax day quickly approaching, it’s time to start preparing your taxes. You may feel overwhelmed by all of the information needed. Gallery Leather wants to make this time easier for you. That is why we offer presentation binders to help you keep those important documents well organized.

We’re so committed to serving our customers that our presentation binders were created to meet the needs of one who asked us to make a binder to house their library of film scripts. We liked the result so much that we decided to create a line of presentation binders. Soon, we found that financial and tax professionals were using them in their respective trades.

Here are 4 features of our presentation binders perfect for your tax preparation:

1. Presentation Pages

When you file your taxes, you need to provide certain financial documents. Many individuals need to submit W-2s, charitable donation statements, and healthcare expense forms with their taxes. To help you keep these documents safe from the elements, we offer archival-quality presentation pages.

The acid-free ivory dividers allow you to display inserts up to up to 8.5″ x 11″ on opposing sides of a page. Made of acid-free, 2mm BOPP polypropylene page film, they preserve your materials while providing distortion-free viewing. Though intended as a refill for our presentation binders, you can use these inserts with any ring-bound binder.

2. A Variety of Sizes

Our presentation binders come in sizes ranging from ¾” – 1 ¼” so you’re sure to find the perfect fit. Starting at 11 ¾” x 10 ½” x ¾,” this presentation binder is the right size for your bookcase or backpack. If you hire a tax professional to prepare your taxes, you can easily bring your binder to meet with them.

The major difference between the different binder sizes is how many presentation pages they can hold. Our ¾” binder can hold up to 30 pages while our 1 ¼” binder holds up to 50. For personal use, the smaller size could work. However, if you need more pages, they are sold separately in a package of 10.

3. Attractive Appearance

If you want to have an organized record of your documents in an attractive, bonded leather package at tax time, our presentation binders are the perfect solution. We craft our presentation binders with the same archival materials and attention to detail as our photo albums.

Our presentation binders come in neutral colors that fit any style. You can also personalize your presentation binder with your name or initials. This is especially helpful when you bring your documents to a tax preparer. You’ll know which documents belong to you.

Even if you don’t choose to personalize your presentation binder, you have the option of a front cover with a die-cut window. This window allows for added binder customization to put your own personal touch on your binder.

4. Multiple Uses

Once tax season is over, your presentation binder can be used for other purposes. Our presentation binders are great photo albums and scrapbooks, as well. One customer even uses their binder as a guest book for their Airbnb listing.

Here’s what they had to say about how they use their presentation binder:

“I love the look and quality of this binder! I use this as a guest information book for my Airbnb listing.”

These binders can also be used for professional purposes, like a restaurant menu or creative portfolio. Our corporate services department would be happy to help you implement our presentation binders into your marketing plan. Please contact us to learn more.

Whether you’re an individual or a business owner, Gallery Leather can help you prepare your taxes and keep your important documents organized. Shop our selection of presentation binders so you can be ready for tax time.