5 Hobbies to Take Up This Season

Category: General

A new season is a perfect time to take up a new hobby. You may be wondering which one is right for you. Gallery Leather can help you to answer that question. We offer various products that can help you start that new hobby.

Here are five ideas for hobbies and how to get started:

1. Creative Writing

Whether you want to start a journal, write poetry, or tell a story, Gallery Leather’s journals are the perfect tool to start your next writing project. We craft our journals using timeless bookmaking techniques and acid-free paper with just the right weight and texture for writing.

Best of all, our journals come in all shapes and sizes, including our pocket notes that fit perfectly in your pocket, as the name implies. One customer enjoys using our journals so much that they buy one from us each year.

“I love this journal. I’ve been using one every year for 25 years. The size, the line spacing, and the paper quality are the best, and such a joy to write on. There is nothing like a leather covered book, and the ribbon book mark is the frosting on the cake.

I tried to keep a regular journal many times in my life, but all the wonderful aspects of this book are what really kept me to the habit. Oh, and don’t forget the gold edges, and rounded corners. Those little things make this volume a place where daily trifles are made special.”

2. Drawing

If you enjoy art, consider drawing as your new pastime. To help you get started, Gallery Leather offers a blank sketchbook. Its 192 wide-open ivory, acid-free pages are bound, glued, and stitched into a refined but almost indestructible, bonded leather cover. 

At 8” X 5 ½”, this sketchbook is the perfect size to take with you to wherever you feel most inspired. Consider getting out into nature and drawing your surroundings. Your only limit is your imagination when drawing in one of our sketchbooks.

3. Scrapbooking

Perhaps you consider yourself to be crafty. You have boxes full of mementos and photos but don’t know what to do with them. You’ve considered scrapbooking, but don’t know where to start. Gallery Leather has just what you need with our Yarmouth Scrapbook. You’ll see why it is the scrapbooking standard once it arrives at your door. It’s up to you what you create with it.

Our scrapbook’s acid-free, archival-quality top-loading pages come with ivory inserts for your photos, mementos, or other decorative inserts. Its classic, post-bound construction with hidden posts and a window in the cover are perfect for creating a theme, featuring a favorite photo, or adding a title. Its elegant bonded leather cover comes in neutral colors to fit any motif.

4. Photography

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, photography is the perfect activity to capture meaningful moments or places. To keep all of those photos, Gallery Leather has a variety of albums to choose from. 

Each of our photo albums is crafted to exacting standards, with acid-free, archival photo pages that are guaranteed to last for generations. You can even personalize your album to add a title or name so that you can share your memories with your friends and family.

5. Cooking

Cooking is a valuable skill that everyone should learn. It’s also a way of building relationships, traditions, and a legacy. With a variety of recipes available to make, cooking can be a fun activity for the whole family. However, you need somewhere to keep those recipes. That is where we can help with our recipe organizer.

Our recipe organizer can hold up to 100 standard,  4” x 6” recipe cards. To keep these recipes organized, it includes Mylar-tabbed dividers for appetizers, soup, bread, salads, vegetables, meats, seafood, poultry, pasta, grains, and desserts. All you need to do is decide what you want to make next and get cooking. 

No matter which hobby you choose, Gallery Leather has just what you need to get started. We’re sure that our photo albums, scrapbooks, and other supplies will help your creative juices flow. Shop our selection on our website today!