Journaling Towards Health During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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October is breast cancer awareness month. Odds are, you or someone you know has been affected by this disease. If you have ever been a cancer patient or caregiver, you know that there is a lot to keep track of during your cancer journey, including appointments, medications, and more. Gallery Leather offers a variety of tips and tools to help you stay organized and relieve stress during this time.

Save the Date

The average breast cancer patient has to attend three months’ worth of treatment and any surgeries or follow-up appointments they may need. You need to be able to keep track of them all. Today, most patients and caregivers use online calendar programs like those attached to their email accounts.

You can use these calendars on your computer or cell phone. They are useful tools, but what happens when you are away from your phone or computer? Like if you are in the hospital. As easy as these tools make it to remember important dates, they make it equally as easy to forget them.

Here is where Gallery Leather can help. We offer planners in a wide variety of formats and designs to meet your treatment schedule. From our Weekly Desk Planners to our Leather Family Planners, with all the details you could hope for, we craft our planners using time-tested bookmaking techniques and quality material.

Remember Your Medication

The average person takes four different prescription medications, including those used to manage breast cancer and related conditions. Along with needing to be taken at a particular time, many medications have instructions on how they are used. For example, if they need to be injected or taken with food. Whether you take your own medicine or are a caregiver responsible for giving the patient their medication, writing directions down helps you remember them better.

Information on how medications are distributed often needs to be shared with healthcare professionals. Writing this information down helps your doctor to understand your condition better as well. To help you share this information, we offer travel journals and pocket notes portable enough to bring with you to appointments.

Make Dinner Plans

When someone is affected by breast cancer, whether through a diagnosis or loss, friends, neighbors, and co-workers often ask what they can do to help. One way to help that has become popular in recent years is through a meal train.

A meal train is when people bring meals to someone in need, like when they are undergoing treatment or grieving someone they have lost to cancer. Co-workers, churches, neighbors, families, or even a group of friends can organize them.

Sometimes, the patient or their family truly enjoys the meal they received. They may ask for a recipe to make when they have more time to cook. Gallery Leather offers a line of recipe organizers and cards to easily share recipes with everyone on your meal train.

Stress Less, Write More

Being a breast cancer patient or caring for one can be a stressful time. Managing stress is essential to both patients and their caregivers during this time in their lives. One effective way to cope with stress is through journaling. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you to process them in a healthy, productive way.

Gallery Leather offers lined and unlined journals to help you journal in a way that feels right to you, even if you prefer drawing to writing. Art therapy has gained recognition in recent years by the medical community. Creating drawings that express what you are feeling or thinking can be as healthy of a coping mechanism as traditional journaling is.

Capture Every Moment

If drawing or writing is not something you enjoy, another way to express yourself during your cancer journey is by scrapbooking or photography. Even if not documenting your cancer journey, fill the time off work while you recover with the scrapbooking project you meant to do for years. This project can also give you something else to talk about other than your illness or caregiving by helping you remember the good times before you or your loved one’s diagnosis.

Made of bonded leather, the Gallery Leather Photo Albums and Scrapbooks come in a rainbow of colors. You can even have your album personalized with your name, initials, or another title. We craft every photo album or scrapbook to exacting standards, with acid-free, archival photo pages, to last for generations.

Give Back

At Gallery Leather, we believe in giving back to our community. October is breast cancer awareness month, which is why we’re donating 5% of your purchase to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation through October 31, 2020. For every $20 you spend, we will give $1 to the foundation to benefit breast cancer research efforts.

Also, new for the month of October, Gallery Leather is offering the option to customize your purchase with a pink ribbon for $5, all of which will go to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We hope that this symbol will start a conversation that will raise awareness of this disease

Whether you are a caregiver or a patient, Gallery Leather wants to help you on your cancer journey. We encourage you to shop our line of products to keep you organized along the way. This month, you help others affected by this disease with your purchases.