Monthly Planners: A Guide

Our monthly planners give you a condensed, quick form of planning, perfect for those with lighter daily schedules.

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This Monthly Planners post is part of our ongoing Planner Spotlight Series. Find our previous entry on Medium Sized Planners here.

Our monthly planners give you a condensed, quick form of planning, perfect for those with lighter daily schedules.

Gallery Leather Monthly Planners

Our Gallery Leather Planners are the classic planners we’re famous for. Each planner is bound in durable bonded or full grain leather with a sewn binding. The pages are a smooth ivory with a protective gold gilding. Each book includes a personal information section and an ivory ribbon bookmark.

Our monthly planners are excellent for those who want a condensed, month-at-a-time planning format. Perfect for those with lighter schedules, they’re great for tracking medical appointments, birthdays, and sports schedules.

Pocket Monthly Leather Planner

The Pocket Monthly Planner is our most compact design. Each planner covers 18 months, July to December, with two pages dedicated to each month. The planner contains 96 70-gsm pages and measures 6″ x 3.25″, making it slim enough to fit in a back pocket or small purse.

Because of the thin pages, we recommend pairing this planner with a ballpoint pen to prevent bleed-through. Our Funline Ballpoint Pens make a great companion to this planner.

The Pocket Monthly Leather Planner is available for 2025 in 18 colors as well as with US Air Force, US Space Force, and US Navy insignias.

Desk Monthly Leather Planners

desk monthly planner open to a monthly spread with another monthly planner showing note pages

For those who need more room to plan but still want a portable design small enough to fit in a purse, the Desk Monthly Planner is a great choice. Each month is given a full two-page spread, followed by four lined notebook pages, allowing note-taking and brief journaling.

The pages are a heavier 100gsm, allowing use of highlighters, felt-tip pens, and fountain pens. It’s available for 2025 in 14 colors as well as our US military options.

Large Monthly Leather Planners

large monthly planner in green open to monthly spread

Our most generous monthly format is the Large Monthly Leather Planner. This planner is 9.75×7.5, giving you a full 15-inch-wide calendar when your planner is laid flat. For those who like a large, lay-flat format perfect for a desk or countertop planner, this is a great choice. The daily spaces are a roomy 1.5″ square.

Extra features include a 28-page notes section in the back, personal info section, and condensed three-year calendar in the front. The paper is 100gsm, allowing both the room and sturdiness for creative layouts.

The Large Monthly Leather Planner is available in durable bonded leather in a rainbow of 36 colors including our new Caribbean colors. It is also available in full-grain leather, a luxurious option that adds an enhanced elegance to your planning.

Harbor Leather Monthly Planners

Our Harbor Leather Planners are our collection of colorful, affordable, simulated leather planners with frequently rotating colors and textures. You never know what you’re going to find here, but there’s always something fresh and fun! These planners feature white pages and black ribbon bookmarks and are perfect for students. Our customers with vision impairment also find the black-and-white printing easier to see than the Gallery line’s ivory-and-sepia printing.

Harbor Pocket Monthly Planner

harbor pocket monthly planner

The Harbor Pocket Monthly Planner is essentially the Harbor line’s answer to the Gallery Leather Pocket Monthly: 96 pages, 18 months, fits in your pocket. It comes in a rainbow of fun, bright colors at an affordable $18 price point. If you like having a small calendar in each purse or want to buy planners for your kids or employees as gifts, this is a great choice.

This planner is available in 16 colors and three textures.

Harbor Large Monthly Planners

harbor large monthly planners

Want lots of space but don’t need an 18-month planner? Look no further than the Harbor Large Monthly Planner. This planner starts in December and ends in January, for 14 months of planning with only a slight overlap (convenient if you forget to reorder right away!).

This planner contains 96 pages, giving you a few extra notes pages compared to it’s leather counterpart. It has 100gsm paper, white pages and page edges, and high-contrast black and white world maps in the back.

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