5 Ways to Stay Organized at Work

Category: Planners

Staying organized is the key to your success in the workplace. Between meetings and projects, you have a lot to keep track of. Gallery Leather wants to help you by offering a full line of products and tips on using them best to maximize your organization and productivity.

1. Write it Down

Did you know that you remember things better if you physically write them down on paper? Studies have shown that you process information better while writing it down by hand. This makes you more likely to remember it later.

Whether taking notes at a meeting or making grocery list, you remember it better if you put it on paper instead of typing it out. If you want to take advantage of this life hack, Gallery Leather offers various journals and notebooks to help. For your office, we have desk journals large enough to store all of your essential information.

If you are a little more mobile, we offer travel journals and pocket notes. Portable enough to bring with you to any job site. Our travel journals even have straps to keep them securely closed and your information private. We offer both lined and unlined journals if you prefer to draw out your ideas instead of writing them down.

We craft our Leather Journals using bookmaking techniques that have stood the test of time. The pages of our leather journals are Smythe sewn and glued. Then, we reinforce them with a cloth binding strip. Acid-free vellum endpapers and a ribbon bookmark complete our journals.

Bound by hand in bonded leather. The paper we use is acid-free. We select it for just the right “tooth,” weight, and texture for writing. We guarantee you will remember your notes better. You will want to write them down to use your new journal.

2. Save the Date

You have many important dates to remember, meetings at work, and social gatherings to attend. You need to be able to keep track of it all. Today, most people use online calendar programs like those attached to their email accounts.

These calendars can be used on both your computer and cell phone. They are useful tools, but what happens when you are away from your phone or computer? As easy as these tools make it to remember important dates, they make it equally as easy to forget them. Here is where Gallery Leather can help.

We offer planners in a wide variety of formats and designs to meet today’s demanding schedules. From our Weekly Desk Planners to our Leather Family Planners, with all the details you could hope for, we craft our planners using time tested bookmaking techniques and quality material. You can choose between weekly, daily, or monthly planners to best meet your scheduling needs. We offer undated planners so you can start keeping track of your dates whenever it is most convenient for you.

3. Take Down Their Number

With cell phones, email, and social media, our society is more connected than ever before. There are so many ways that you can keep in touch with people both personally and professionally. You need a place to put all of this contact information so you can quickly look up the person you want to contact.

Many people have contact lists on their cell phones or email accounts. As convenient as these lists may be, you need access to the device they are on to use them. Gallery Leather understands you need to stay connected to others. That is why we offer a variety of products to help you do so.

Our pocket address books are half the weight of and twice as fast as a cell phone when it comes to finding and carrying your contacts’ information. They carry even more information with space for over 400 addresses with records for work, home, phone numbers, email, and fax numbers in an attractive, durable cover.

If you would prefer something with room for growth, our desk address books come in a ring binder style that allows you to add extra inserts with room for all of your colleagues’, friends’, and family members’ contact information.

4. Label It

Part of getting organized is labeling. File cabinets, record boxes, binders, and more can be labeled to reflect any title to help you remember what is inside. These items can be organized in alphabetical or numerical order.

This makes it easier for you to refer back to a past project or other information that you may be searching for in your office. These labels can be made by hand, or you can purchase professionally made labels. Gallery Leather can help you to get organized in this way as well.

All of our planners come with the year engraved on the front cover. You can also have a name or other identifying information added to your item when you personalize your purchase. However, if you already have one of our products that you would like to label, we offer custom title labels in bonded leather to match your item’s material. Your office will look and feel more organized once everything has been labeled.

5. Freshen Up Your Office Space

Cleaning is not just a springtime chore anymore. A clean, organized workspace increases your productivity. Even small steps like clearing off your desk can make your office look better. Placing meeting notes, presentation information, and other documents into a presentation binder is the easiest way to start. This is also a time to remove any outdated information or items from your office space.

Once you clean your office, adding decorative elements can freshen up your office space. It makes it appear more organized. Bringing in a frame or album with family photos can help your workplace feel a little more like home.

Adding shelving provides a place to put your journals, binders, and other books. A pop of color can instantly brighten up your workspace. This is why Gallery Leather offers products in many different colors and textures.

Where you work is a reflection of how you work. Make sure that it is a good one by keeping a clean, attractive workspace. Gallery Leather wants to help you make this task as easy as possible by giving you the tips and tools you need to get organized at work.

Whether you are looking to keep track of upcoming events, colleagues’ contact information, or meeting notes, we have what you need to keep it together. Find what you need to stay organized at work on our website today. We hope that you find these tips and our tools to be helpful for years to come.